Easter Cake


Makes: 3 Layer 6” Cake (or 2 Layer 8” Cake)

2 boxes Simple Mills Vanilla Cake Mix
3 Jars Simple Mills Vanilla Frosting
1 packet ColorKitchen Blue Food Color
1 packet ColorKitchen Green Food Color
1 packet Color Kitchen Orange Food Color
1 packet ColorKitchen Rainbow Sprinkles

Follow the directions on the back of the box to bake the cake mix and pour into either 3 6” cake pans or 2 8” cake pans.

Once the cake is cooled, remove from pans.

In a mixing bowl, or in your stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, add 2 jars of frosting and 1 packet of ColorKitchen Blue and mix to combine completely.

On a cake stand, plate or spinner, add a small dollop of frosting and place the first cake layer. Add a generous amount of frosting and spread to cover the layer evenly. Top with the second cake layer, and repeat this process. Frost the rest of the cake with the blue frosting.


Divide the last jar of frosting into two bowls. In the first add ColorKitchen Orange packet and stir to combine completely. In the second, add the ColorKitchen Green packet and stir to combine completely.

In a piping bag with decorating tip #133, add the green frosting. You will use this for the grass and for the carrot tops. Set aside.

In a piping bag with a coupler, add the orange frosting and decorating tip #104. This will be used for the carrots.

First, pipe grass all the way around the boarder of the cake.

Next, with the larger side of tip #104 up against the cake and the smaller side closer to you, pipe a line going back and forth to create a carrot shape. Do this around the entire cake, or anywhere that you want carrots. You can make them varying sizes and heights, have fun with it

Using the green frosting, pipe little dollops on the tops of all carrots to create the tops.

Switch out the decorating tip #104 for #96 in the orange and pipe a boarder around the top of the cake.

Sprinkle the top with ColorKitchen Rainbow Sprinkles.