1 packet per ½ pint frosting shown here

1 packet per ½ pint frosting shown here

How to I use the colors?

1 color packet per pint for light frosting (1 color packet per ½ pint for more vibrant color).

Blend color powder with dry ingredients before hydrating. For pre-made frosting, mix color powders directly into frosting or mix with a very small amount of water (approx ¼ tsp liquid to 1 ¼ tsp color to make a paste) for easy blending.


Heat and Natural Colors

Natural colors can be heat sensitive and start to fade at 200-250 degrees, resulting in more pastel colors.

For cake color and other baked goods, a recipe with a shorter bake time or lower heat is recommended (mini cupcakes, thin layered cake).


When working with heated recipes, like a gummy candy, mix colors into a liquid first and then add into the cooling phase for maximum color vibrancy.

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