Quick and Easy Naturally Colorful Pasta


Make naturally colorful pasta and transform your favorite dish into a colorful delight. Whether it be unicorn noodles or unicorn pasta, macaroni and cheese or pasta salad, you’ll have fun making and eating it too!


1 bag of your favorite pasta (regular or gluten-free)
1 or more ColorKitchen Food Colors

1. Cook and rinse pasta.

2. Use 1 ColorKitchen Food Color packet per 2-3 cups cooked pasta (8 cups per bag) for deep colors, or 1 color packet per entire bag of pasta or a light pastel shade.

3. Put color powder in ziplock bag and add strained pasta. Mixed thoroughly, tossing pasta in bag until all the color is dissolved and pasta is completely covered.

4. Let sit for 10 minutes for color to soak in. Rinse each color separately.

5. Add sauce or topping of your choice and enjoy!