Greek Yogurt Popsicles

Between the artificial coloring and sugars in a variety of frozen treats, it's hard to feel good about feeding  your kids some of the summer treats they crave most.

Try our quick and easy-to-make alternative, Greek yogurt popsicles made with ColorKitchen food coloring, for a protein-packed, real-food choice for the summer months.

Ingredients (per color)
1 cup Greek yogurt
1 Tbsp honey
2 Tbsp chocolate chips
Up to 1 packet ColorKitchen food coloring

Using your favorite Greek yogurt, add a tablespoon of honey per cup of yogurt. Next, stir in as much ColorKitchen color powder as desired until thoroughly blended. Lastly, mix in a few chocolate chips. 

Thoroughly mix all ingredients together. Scoop into popsicle molds and allow to set in the freezer. 

For multiple colors, scoop in one color layer at a time, then freeze.

If you don't have a nifty popsicle-making container like the one in this post, use an ice cube tray with toothpicks for mini popsicles.