A Rainbow Of Plant-Based Food Colors For Your Imagination.

We believe your sweet tooth delights should be colorful, chemical free and made with pure ingredients.  

That's why we created vibrant, food coloring from all natural sources like beets, spirulina and turmeric.

You create joy with a mixing bowl, simple ingredients and love. We help you make it healthy & beautiful! 


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NEW! MULTI-PACK, 2 of each color

ColorKitchen vegan food coloring for frosting

RainBow Sprinkles Pack

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Vibrant 5 COlor Pack

“ I Love All of your Food Dyes...you are the only brand I buy.” 


"I love all of all of your food dyes, it’s really hard to find natural food dyes that don't contain "junk". When I found yours I was sooooo happy and you are the only brand I buy now!”

Haley Ferretti - Health Coach & Plant-Based Cook "HaleyFerretti.com"



 "The Colors are so vibrant!"


"As a baker I love ColorKitchen because the dyes are powder and not liquid. It lets me control how much liquid I add to my recipes and that is something that no one else does. The colors are so vibrant for being plant based it’s amazing that you can make every single color of the rainbow in multiple shades."

Mimi Council - Blogger & Baker
"Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop"


“I tested & review 12 ways to naturally color royal icing and buttercream…ColorKitchen came out on top!”


"I discovered ColorKitchen when doing research on natural food coloring options for my baking blog. I tested and reviewed 12 ways to naturally color royal icing and buttercream and ColorKitchen came out on top!! ColorKitchen colors are vibrant, easy to use and flavorless. They are my go-to colors for cookies and cupcakes! Why use artificial colors when you can get beautiful results with ColorKitchen?!"

Jes Lahay - Blogger & Baker "Wisk & Wonder"