Ashley discovered at an early age that she has food allergies. And because she loves her sweets, Ashley is always looking for wholesome dessert alternatives.

Studying art in college, Ashley worked as a colorist for a mural company, preparing shades of paint for artists.  Bothered by the fumes, Ashley began experimenting with plants to make natural colors which lead to her first product company Glob Colors, natural paints. Ashley received funding for Glob from the Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program.

In 2015 Ashley transitioned Glob Colors into what is now ColorKitchen, when stores requested to sell the natural plant-based paints as food coloring. Given her passion for healthy eating, Ashley decided to use her artistic background to create her own natural color solutions for food.

When not developing colorful creations, Ashley also enjoys learning West Coast Swing and spending time with her rescue dogs Maggie & Scout.