In the beginning

Founder Ashley Phelps has long suffered from food allergies and chemical additives in products. With a nutritionist mother, she grew up aware of what was in her food and paid close attention to her diet and how it affected her mind and body. Ashley discovered at an early age that she was hypoglycemic, so eating healthy has always been a priority. And with a rather substantial sweet tooth, finding wholesome dessert options has been a life-long mission for Ashley. Especially chemical-free, colorful, playful desserts that are both kid friendly and mom approved.

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Ashley’s entrepreneurial background encompasses art and food. Being a foodie, early in her career she started a website called Kitchenette, the first restaurant review site in San Francisco. Ashley interviewed renowned chefs and then new establishments such as Charles Phan from Slanted Door and Traci Des Jardins’ of Jardinière, where she learned about the process and personal stories of some of the most celebrated chefs in the Bay Area.


Studying art in college, Ashley’s background also included working as a colorist for a mural company, preparing shades of paint for artists.  Bothered by the fumes in paints, Ashley began experimenting with plants to make colors which lead to her first product company Glob Colors, makers of natural, non-toxic art supplies. Ashley received funding from the Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program.



Because of the growing awareness of the dangers of artificial dyes in food, stores were eager for an expansion of Glob's natural colors for baking. This lead Ashley to venture into the world of food coloring products and ColorKitchen was launched in 2015.

ColorKitchen provides naturally colorful solutions to replace artificial food coloring additives, allowing families and children to enjoy decorative desserts without experiencing harmful health and behavioral side-effects. 

Today, headquartered in Bend, Oregon Ashley experiments with recipes in her test kitchen, trying out new color products and making tasty treats.


Ashley most enjoys consulting with small food manufacturers on their color solutions. Whether it be an ice cream shop looking for a seasonal color blend, or a CBD gummy candy, her knowledge of natural colors benefits a wide range of food producers from bakeries, gourmet doughnut shops, artisan ice cream makers, to the cannabis industry. She also enjoys teaching and judging food competitions!