A ColorKitchen Family Birthday

When my dad’s fiancé asked me to bake a cake for my parents 75th birthday celebration with ColorKitchen’s new Red Velvet Gluten-free Cake Mix, I have to say I was nervous. Being the owner of a natural food color and baking products company, one would assume I know how to bake.

red velvet gluten-free

It was an important celebration. Both my parents (divorced) have birthdays close together and all the kids and their significant-others were gathering for this special day. My mom and sister are celiac, so the cake needed to be gluten-free.

Being hypoglycemic and having food allergies myself, I’m always on the lookout for low-sugar and healthy, natural desserts. This quest has not however included learning how to bake or decorate sweets.

I practiced frosting the cake with nearly a dozen red velvet mixes in preparation for the special day. I tried all the tricks: freezing the cake before frosting, flouring the pan, warming the frosting, piping the sides of the cake before smoothing, but nothing seemed to work. After many attempts, I found the trick was really just a no-stick pan that kept the cake from crumbing, combined with a warmed frosting.

While I was so proud to be able to finally frost a respectable cake, I decided to go with Red Velvet mini cakes (or cakelettes as we named them), with a cream cheese frosting, topped with fresh lavender from the garden, edible stars and some sanding sugar.

I was proud to be able to share a better-for-you cake that I developed, incorporating my love for natural color (red from beets and turmeric), and organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients.

Everyone loved the mini-cakes, especially my dad’s fiancé from Louisiana, where southerners are known to particularly love their red velvet!

-Ashley, CEO and Founder of ColorKitchen