DIY Colored Sugar

Sprinkle on some sparkly color to any baked good with this easy colored sugar recipe. Cookies and cakes have never looked sweeter!

ColorKitchen_Red Hearts.jpg

Why spend extra on colored sugar when it's so simple to color it yourself?! You can color regular granulated sugar or larger crystals, whichever you prefer.

It's a ridiculously simple concept that is cost-saving and takes very little time. This recipe can be kept for months so make a large batch to have some on hand!

1. Choose your color packet or mix and match to make various colors! We made this vibrant Red using our Beet Red & Yellow Food Color.

PINK: 1 Beet Red Color Packet
YELLOW: 1 Yellow Color Packet
BLUE: 1 Blue Color Packet
LIME GREEN: ¼ tsp Blue Color Packet, 1 Yellow Color Packet
ORANGE: 1 Yellow Color Packet, ½ tsp Beet Red Color Packet
PURPLE: ¼ tsp Blue Color Packet, ½ tsp Beet Red Color Packet
RED: 1 Holiday Red Packet OR 1 Yellow Color Packet + ¼ tsp Yellow, and 1 Beet Red Color Packet

2. Decide how much you want to make: 1 Tsp Color to 1 Cup of Sugar (we used coarse sugar)

3. Place ColorKitchenFood Color in bowl/container with lid.

4. Add 1 to 2 drops of water, just enough to get the color to dissolve to a syrup consistency, and stir.

5. Place your cup of sugar in the bowl and cover with lid. 

6. Shake and turn for 1-2 minutes. Open the lid and check for color coverage.

7. Pour sugar on parchment paper and let stand until completely dry.

8. Place in airtight container and use for decorating cookies, cupcakes, and more!