Mini No-Bake Blue Swirl Coconut Cream Pies


Makes: 12 Mini Coconut Cream Pies

1 cup pecans
⅓ cup pitted Medjool dates

1 can coconut cream (Edward and Sons)
¼ cup sugar
1 Tbsp gelatin
16oz (2 cups) hot water
1 ColorKitchen Food Colors Blue Packet

1. Soak Medjool dates for a minimum of 5 minutes in hot water
2. While the dates are soaking, line a muffin tin with cupcake liners 
3. After dates are soaked, add them and the pecans to a food processor
4. Pulse until a rough dough is formed
5. Press the "crust" dough into the cupcake liners (make sure you press firmly to make sure the filling doesn't get underneath it) 
6. Set aside and make the filling

1. In a food processor add in the coconut cream, sugar, and gelatin
2. Process until well combined
3. Add in the hot water and process thoroughly again
4. Once well combined pour the filling into the cupcake liners (reserving some for the blue swirl). Please note that the filling will be very watery and will remain watery until after it "sets" in the fridge.
5. After filling the cupcake liners, add ColorKitchen Blue Food Color to the reserved coconut cream filling in the food processor
6. Process until well combined
7. Using a spoon take the blue coconut cream and slowly pour a "Z" into the coconut cream pies
8. Once the coconut cream pies all have a blue "Z" take your spoon (with nothing in it) and gently swirl the Z around to form a blue marble/swirling effect
9. Place the coconut cream pies in the fridge and let them "set" for 2-4 hours
10. After the coconut cream pies have set, enjoy or store them in the fridge in an airtight container for 3-4 days

Comment below your favorite way to eat coconut!

Recipe: Taylor Silverduk