4th of July Fun: Frosting-Filled Strawberries

With the 4th of July just around the corner, fireworks, barbecues, and patriotism abound. Frosting-filled strawberries are a quick treat to whip up and join in on the celebration! 

By using red strawberries, ColorKitchen Bright Blue to color the  frosting, and powdered sugar for dusting, only real-food ingredients will grace your table this holiday weekend. 

To make this treat, begin by carving out the strawberry top to expose the inner-cavity. Set the strawberries aside and using your favorite frosting, add 1/2 color packet of Bright Blue frosting to each cup of frosting.

If you have decorating tools like bags and tips, scoop your frosting into a bag, and using your favorite tip, fill each strawberry to the brim with blue frosting.

If you don't have decorating tools, scoop the frosting into a ziplock bag and cut a small piece off the corner plastic and squeeze to fill each strawberry. When finished, lightly dust the strawberries and frosting with powdered sugar.